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Visionsoft is a private company incorporated on 23 June 2008. The Company is based in Guangzhou City, China providing digital TV interactive services to the customers and subscribers of GZ CATV. Founded by Mr. Philip Su in 2006, Visionsoft selected Microsoft’s Mediaroom as the preferred platform and entered into an agreement with them to become the first company in the world to offer the Mediaroom software over a cable network. Visionsoft also collaborated with GZ DMG on initial feasibility testing of the software and proceeded to secure an agreement to provide its services to GZ CATVs subscribers. Visionsoft is expected to provide IPTV to at least 300,000 users before 2012.


Microsoft Mediaroom amplifies your TV experience. When you subscribe to a Microsoft Mediaroom-powered TV service, you get your favorite shows, channels, movies, and sports – all in digital and High-Definition (HD) picture quality. Combine that with an easy on-screen guide and advanced features like a Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Video On Demand (VOD), lightning-fast channel change, the ability to watch up to six channels at one time, and you'll see why Microsoft Mediaroom is the best TV experience – letting you control not just what you watch, but when and where you watch it. Plus, cool media-sharing capabilities let you share photos, videos, and stream music right on your TV. And, best of all it's available now.


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